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Please keep in mind that all independent events are expected to comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fund-raising, gift reporting and special events. Some states have strict regulations governing raffles and gaming events carried out for charitable purposes. Event organizers may obtain more information on the rules governing the conduct of raffles and other “games of chance” in their state by contacting the Department of the Attorney General, Division of Public Charities in their state.

Tax ID:
Once you have signed the MMRF Agreement either via email or when creating an event page on our website, we will send you a letter stating that you are an official fundraiser for the MMRF. This letter can be used when approaching companies asking for donations and includes our tax id for those purposes only. Please note that in order to receive tax receipts, all checks MUST be written to the MMRF directly.


How Much do I Need to Raise?

There is no minimum that each independent event fundraiser must raise. We do ask that once you sign up to host an event you make your best efforts to achieve whatever goal you have set. Independent Event fundraising can raise between $200 and $200,000 with the average being in the $10,000 range. We also ask that you keep to a 80/20 split between what you donate to the MMRF and your expenses.

What is the best way to raise money?
There are many ways to raise money. It is important to get the word out about your event through creating an event page on the MMRF website. This page will allow you to fundraise and get the word out through emails to all your friends and family. See our “Event Tips” page for ways to raise money



Are donations tax deductible? Will donors receive documentation of their contribution?
MMRF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All U.S. donations are tax deductible. Please note that in order to receive tax receipts all checks MUST be written to the MMRF directly.

Online donations will receive a confirmation of their donation automatically shortly after making the contribution. This confirmation can be used as a tax receipt.


Please follow the protocol below to make sure that your event is credited for checks and cash donations!  Please send all checks within 60 days after your event.

Checks should be made out to: “The MMRF”

Be sure to include the name of the event on the check’s memo line so that your donation will be recorded correctly.
For Example: “John Smith, Myeloma Mingle”.

Please note that all donors who pay by check will always receive a thank you letter documenting the tax deductible contribution for any donation.

Cash donations should be converted to check form, since cash should not be sent directly in the mail.

If a donor gives you cash, simply deposit it to your bank account and send a check from your account following the directions above.

Include with your check a short note that tells us the name and address of the donor so that we can provide the thank you note documenting their tax deductible contribution to that donor.


Please send collected checks to:

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

ATTN: Independent Fundraising Events

P.O. Box 414238

Boston, MA 02241-4238



Many companies offer a Matching Gifts program, whereby employers match contributions made by employees. This is a BENEFIT for the employees. Be sure to use it. (Note that the match is made by the company that your DONOR works for, not your company.) The MMRF has a quick and easy tool to help determine which employers have Matching Gifts programs. Check out our Matching Gifts Search tool:

CLICK HERE for the Matching Gift Database


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see the company you are looking for on the list, call their Human Resources Department. The database is sensitive to exact wording, and the database may not be totally up-to-date. So, if you have a few donors from one company, it doesn’t hurt to call the HR Department to double check.


Once you get the information, here is all you have to do:

Have employee fill out the Matching Gift form from their employer. This is often a form which is submitted online through the           company’s intranet. Sometimes the site leads them to a downloadable form that they can print out, fill in and fax back. Or, it             may be a form that is obtained through the employee’s HR department, filled out and faxed/sent to your team manager. The fax number to send the form is (203) 966-8381.

After completing the form, the donor should get a confirmation email or letter. Just forward the confirmation to                         , and we will take care of it from there.

Once we receive the confirmation, we will credit those funds to your donation page. (Note that the credit is made before the             funds arrive – that often takes months – and that your company does not post those funds on your donation page – we do.             We simply give you an online ‘credit’ once we have seen that the funds have been successfully requested.)
Tips to Maximize Matching Gift Contributions:
Check the MMRF Matching Gifts Database whenever you receive a donation. If you find that the donor’s employer is one that has a Matching Gifts program, copy the information on your findings and send it to your donor when you send them a thank you email.

Sample Email for Matching Gifts:
“Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for your generous donation of $100 to my NYC Marathon fundraising campaign for the MMRF. It means a lot to me since my father is battling multiple myeloma and the MMRF is doing so much to advance critical treatments.
Did you know that your employer, Goldman Sachs, has a matching gifts program? They will match your donation dollar for dollar if you complete the form below and send me a confirmation! That’s all you have to do! Here is the information:
Company: Goldman Sachs Global Securities Services
Subsidiary of: Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Foundation #: 4040000
Last Updated: 2011/12/28
Contact: Debra Shipman
Phone: (877) 298-2635
Matching Gift Form URL:
Minimum amount matched: $50.00
Maximum amount matched: $20,000.00
Total per employee: $20,000.00
Gift ratio: 1:1
Thanks again for your donation. I hope you will take a minute to submit the matching gift request and forward the confirmation to me so that I can get closer to achieving my fundraising goal"




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