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The MMRF, along with its research and medical industry partners, has fueled more studies, initiated more trials, developed more treatments, introduced more medicines, and have had a far greater impact than any other organization on myeloma. While the MMRF has made enormous progress, we still have much to do and cannot continue to do great research to lead to a cure without your support!
You don’t need special skills or a fundraising background to hold a successful event – all you need is passion and determination!  Many events hosts have a direct connection to multiple myeloma. They are inspired to support an amazing foundation that is transforming the way cancer research and drug development are being conducted. They want to be a part of an organization that is leading the way in cancer research.
You’ll be surprised how many people will want to support your passion for a cure if you just ask!
For Questions, Please Contact:
Please know that we are here to help you with any questions you have as you plan your event.  Contact our Independent Events Manager, Brooke Roberts via email at or by phone at 203.652.0215.

You can also download our helpful Registration Guide and Fundraising Tips
About the MMRF:
The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) was established in 1998 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by twin sisters Karen Andrews and Kathy Giusti, soon after Kathy's diagnosis with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of patients and lead to a cure.
Kathy Giusti’s has earned several prestigious awards and recognitions, including being named 1 of 3 Top Business Leaders Disrupting Medicine by Fortune Magazine and #19 on Fortune’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders list. Giusti was also named one of the world’s 100 Most Influential People by TIME magazine.  In 2016, Giusti was named Faculty Co-Chair of the Harvard Business School (HBS) Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator.  In 2017, she received PRIMO’s Exceptional Women in Oncology award. In addition, she received the Open Science Champion of Change award by the White House and has been honored with the American Association for Cancer Research Centennial Medal for Distinguished Public Service and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s Woman of the Year Award.
The MMRF has Played a Key Role in Incredible Progress and Results in Multiple Myeloma:
  • 10 new drugs approved by the FDA in the past 10 years; 4 in 2015!
  • Tripled life expectancy for patients
  • First to sequence the myeloma genome
  • 350 research grants funded
  • 50 clinical trials launched
  • 24 new treatments studied
  • 1,000 patients enrolled in the MMRF CoMMpass StudySM
Exceptional Stewards:
As exceptional stewards of its donors’ investments, the MMRF consistently surpasses its peers in fiscal responsibility. Nearly 90% of the MMRF total budget goes directly towards research and related programming, one reason why the MMRF consistently earns top rankings from the nation's leading charity evaluators.



The fastest, easiest way to raise money for your MMRF Independent Event is to set up an event’s donation page.

  1. 1. When you create your event page, you will receive an event page confirmation via email

  2. 2. We will then contact you with approval within one week (so what’s the language that should be here: “We will then contact you with    our Independent Event Agreement for signature”)

  3. 3. Upon approval of your event, we will send you:
          - Our logo to be used for invitations or other communications
          - A tax letter stating you are an official MMRF fundraiser and that proceeds from your event will be sent to our foundation
          - A one-page information sheet on the MMRF to be used at your discretion


How to Build a Great Fundraising Page:

Your event page is turn-key ready, and will automatically contain basic information about the MMRF.  The most successful event pages are the ones that have been personalized. To personalize your event page, simply log on to your event page headquarter.  Once you log in, you can customize your page's title and body text, which is what your page visitors will see when they come to donate to your event. You can also upload a photo or video, personalize your page URL, and set or change your fundraising goal.

For the best, most effective event page, make sure your page follows these guidelines:
  • Write a message that tells people WHY you are hosting an event.
  • Tell supporters HOW you are connected to multiple myeloma.
  • Share the story with supporters of how much participating in this event will mean to you and how their support is so important         to your effort.
  • Be sure to include a picture of yourself or of the patient you are honoring. Know that a picture makes a BIG difference                     and adds to the emotional connection your page visitor has with supporting you.
  • Share the message about how much MMRF has done to fund research and how their efforts are moving the medical                       community closer to finding a cure.


Build a Team
Get in touch with some family and friends; ask for their help in making your event a success. Many hands make lighter work.

Set a Budget
Determine your fundraising goal for this event. Establish expenses for the event and look for possible donations and other sources of income.

Set a Timeline
Put together a timeline from now until the day you send in your donation. This will help you to keep important tasks organized and ensure that your event planning stays on the track to success.



Invite everyone! Use your event page to email all your friends and family. Do not leave anyone out; you would be amazed how many people want to contribute.
Create an Email Campaign:
  • Email #1: Tell Your Story Express -  why supporting the MMRF is important to you.
  • Email #2: Gently Remind - Reiterate your reasons for taking on the event and update everyone on your progress.
  • Email #3: Final Push Prior to the Event - Convey your pride in your fundraising efforts and give your would-be supporters             another chance to make a donation.
  • Email #4: Post Event Thank You - Explain how the funds your event raised will truly impact those living with multiple                     myeloma. Share photos from the day and your overall event experience
Social Media:
Utilize social media to grow your team and increase fundraising.
  • Facebook:  Update your status about your event and why you are supporting the MMRF. Ask friends to share your status/link         to your event page.
  • Twitter:  Tweet your event page link as a way to recruit others and update your followers on your progress.
  • LinkedIn:  Connect with businesses and other professionals about potential donations.
  • Instagram:  Share your meaningful photo/fundraising thermometer to motivate followers to support your efforts. Use official             MMRF hashtags (#mmrf).


Local Businesses:

Approach local businesses for gifts:

Monetary: a donation via check, credit card or cash

In-Kind: Donation of a service or a product (such as beverages, catering, etc.). This is a great option if there’s a business that wants to be involved, but can’t make a monetary donation. In-kind donations are tax deductible and the MMRF will provide your in-kind supporters with documentation for tax purposes.


When you do solicit donations from businesses, be sure to make them feel appreciated. For example, you can include their logo on official event merchandise or thank them personally at the event. Be sure to send follow up thank you letters and let them know how their donation made the event successful!



Please follow the protocol below to make sure that your event is credited for checks and cash donations!

Checks should be made out to: “The MMRF”

Be sure to include the name of the event on the check’s memo line so that your donation will be recorded correctly. For Example: “John Smith, Myeloma Mingle”.

Please note that all donors who pay by check will always receive a thank you letter documenting the tax deductible contribution for any donation.

Cash donations should be converted to check form, since cash should not be sent directly in the mail. If a donor gives you cash, simply deposit it to your bank account and send a check from your account following the directions above. Include with your check a short note that tells us the name and address of the donor so that we can provide the thank you note documenting their tax deductible contribution to that donor.

Please send collected checks to:

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

ATTN: Independent Fundrasing Events

P.O. Box 414238
Boston, MA 02241-4238



Many companies offer a Matching Gifts program, whereby employers match contributions made by employees. This is a BENEFIT for the employees. Be sure to use it. (Note that the match is made by the company that your DONOR works for, not your company.) The MMRF has a quick and easy tool to help determine which employers have Matching Gifts programs. Check out our Matching Gifts Search tool:

CLICK HERE for the Matching Gift Database


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see the company you are looking for on the list, call their Human Resources Department. The database is sensitive to exact wording, and the database may not be totally up-to-date. So, if you have a few donors from one company, it doesn’t hurt to call the HR Department to double check.


Once you get the information, here is all you have to do:

  • Have employee fill out the Matching Gift form from their employer. This is often a form which is submitted online through the            company’s intranet. Sometimes the site leads them to a downloadable form that they can print out, fill in and fax back. Or, it            may be a form that is obtained through the employee’s HR department, filled out and faxed/sent to your team manager. The            fax number to send the form is (203) 966-8381.
  • After completing the form, the donor should get a confirmation email or letter. Just forward the confirmation to                        , and we will take care of it from there.
  • Once we receive the confirmation, we will credit those funds to your donation page. (Note that the credit is made before the            funds arrive – that often takes months – and that your company does not post those funds on your donation page – we do. We        simply give you an online ‘credit’ once we have seen that the funds have been successfully requested.)
Tips to Maximize Matching Gift Contributions:
Check the MMRF Matching Gifts Database whenever you receive a donation. If you find that the donor’s employer is one that has a Matching Gifts program, copy the information on your findings and send it to your donor when you send them a thank you email
  • ?IMPORTANT: When you send the letter to your donor, be sure to mention the date and amount of the donation. This is                    information that will be asked of the employee, so the easier you make it for them to fill out the form, the more success you will        have!·        
  • If you receive a donation from a couple, and one of them works for a company that matches and the other does not, they can          still submit a matching gifts request to the company that does match.
Sample Email for Matching Gifts:
“Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for your generous donation of $100 to my NYC Marathon fundraising campaign for the MMRF. It means a lot to me since my father is battling multiple myeloma and the MMRF is doing so much to advance critical treatments.
Did you know that your employer, Goldman Sachs, has a matching gifts program? They will match your donation dollar for dollar if you complete the form below and send me a confirmation! That’s all you have to do! Here is the information:
Company: Goldman Sachs Global Securities Services
Subsidiary of: Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Foundation #: 4040000
Last Updated: 2011/12/28
Contact: Debra Shipman
Phone: (877) 298-2635
Matching Gift Form URL:
Minimum amount matched: $50.00
Maximum amount matched: $20,000.00
Total per employee: $20,000.00
Gift ratio: 1:1
Thanks again for your donation. I hope you will take a minute to submit the matching gift request and forward the confirmation to me so that I can get closer to achieving my fundraising goal of $4,000!”



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